Monday, May 30, 2016


I've officially moved this blog. All of the content that was here has been migrated over there.

See you on the other side.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Intent to Vacate

I've been using Blogger as my publishing platform for the last 7 years. In tech years, this is something of an eternity. Also, I build and maintain websites for a living. So, it's a little embarrassing just how outdated and awful the look and feel of this site are. Look at the header of this site. It looks like one of the custom backgrounds the photographer offered our parents in elementary school when they were taking our yearbook photos.

Blogger's toolset hasn't evolved much since I started this. I'd like to have a blog that supports code formatting, LaTeX, and other nerdy things. It's also not lost on me that the current font is not only ugly, but extremely difficult for the eyes to read over an extended period of time.

So I have two options to improve things:
  1. Figure out how to use Blogger-specific junk in order to hack in what I want.
  2. Move all content and future blog posts to another, more developer-friendly blog framework.
Naturally, being a developer, I'm going to opt for the latter. This is unlikely to happen right away, but expect this blog to vanish in the near future. I'm pointing this out because people subscribed to the RSS feed might get no notification about a redirect to the new site.

Outside of that, I'm beginning to feel an urge to shift my focus from writing philosophical nonsense back to writing code. This hiatus and all of this composition has been wonderful, since I think it has helped heal several scars I had on my brain tissue. 

My other healing secret (aside from writing): allowing the sweltering Arizona sunshine to scorch my face for several hours per day.